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Damascus University
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76 alumni

Damascus University, Damascus : 76 alumni

Damascus University

Asfari Yara
Mohammed Salem
Looking for a reliable and honest business partner to invest your country
Alan Saad
Looking for a new opportunity in paris
Banan Zawati
Ancien Pro Consul Bilingue ++
Diana Sa
Ibrahim Musa
CEO, Syrian Petroleum Company
Performance Analyst, Thames Water
Mohaidy Ibrahim
Managing Director , Setco
Bachelor Degree
Study Master Islamic Thought - Islamic Economy Beirut Islamic University The International Institute of Islamic Thought
Iskandar Rafeh

Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)
Théorie des conceptions architecturales passives''. Approche des réductions énergétiques. Zone d'étude: l'architecture résidentielle. The principles of passive design and low energy building for sustainable development in the residential dwellings. General knowledge in the Compact Cities principles and Densification to achieve sustainable urban planning.
Nour Hameed
du Sales Manager, Key Accounts
Professeur, Damascus University
Mohammad Hassan Younes
Audit Manager, Deloitte
Nasib Kahef
Deputy General Manager, Damascus Tower
موظف, Fad int
Mohamed Nuri
Wellsite Geologist, Glencore E&P (Canada) Inc.
Regional G. Manager, Dania Group
redactter in chief, ncro
Diaa El-fakih
Technical Project Manager, GFI Informatique
Homam Mosaly
Service, CD adapco
Muhammed Airout
Khaled Muhueddin
Doctor assistant, Unified Medical Office NGO
Gabriel Surrel
Consultant, Caduceum
Cours d’arabe pour non-arabophones, niveaux 1 et 2 Etudes plus poussées de la langue arabe avec 4 mois de cours particuliers 2009-2010
Isan Alamin , amindevelopers
Emad Whdan